Tinkerbell Costume Tips For Girls And Adult Women

Tinkerbell has always been one of the many favorite Disney characters because of her outgoing personality and her inner and outer beauty. In fact, Tink is adored by not only young girls, but grown women, too. For those women looking to dress up as Tinkerbell for Halloween, here are a few tips that will hopefully come into good use.

First you can look at a variety of affordable Tinkerbell costume ideas for women from the very expensive to highly affordable outfit. Since there are so many to choose from, you can budget yourself and still find a great outfit that suits you! For example, don’t be surprised if you find exactly what you are looking for in the $20 to $30 range, but if you want something a bit more fancy, prices can get up to $80 and beyond! Some of the less expensive tinker bell costumes may involve a little more creativity and further accessories to make it exactly what you want it.

On that note, a Tinkerbell costume is fairly simple to create. Provided you have all the necessary materials and know how to knit or sew, making a tinker-bell costume from scratch is easy and can be achieved quickly. Make sure you have the right colors, especially green, and decide just how liberal you feel. A long dress or mini dress are two great options, and it really comes down to your comfort level. Take a look at some Tinkerbell pictures or even watch the movie to get some more ideas. Magazines will also help with some fashion ideas to make your Tinkerbell costume come to life. A bit of wires and some type of paper or white cloth material will help with the design of both your wings and wand.

The final reason why choosing to dress up in a tinker-bell costume is highly favorable is due to the fact it is a very flexible costume to wear. In reality, most Halloween costumes are generally good only for October 31st, however, child and adult Tinkerbell costumes can be worn at Christmas parties, birthdays, cosplay conventions, and more! Fairy costumes, especially tinker-bell, are one of those outfits that you can pull off at various costume events. If you take some time you can probably think of more reasons why wearing a Tinkerbell adult costume is a great idea and surely you will look fantastic at whichever party you attend.